5. Warning

"We need to declare a war as early as possible," Raelynn suggested without any change in her expression. She fixed her eyes on Lord Eldrick, not caring about the looks the other people around her giving. As soon as she spoke the words, loud whispers erupted in the hall and everybody started to chide the only woman in the room. She even heard one of the ministers nearby scold her quite harshly.

"Women," He scoffed. "They have no idea how to deal with the situation and they think themselves to be great. This is the reason why women should not be allowed to enter the battlefield or the courtroom. They will just ruin us." The man said to another man sitting beside him and received a nod in return. They then started to laugh as though they had just shared a good joke among themselves.

Laurier who heard the man's words crystal clear could not sit still and he stood up to deal with the disgusting man. However, Raelynn stopped him. She shook her head at him and assured him silently. The woman had had it enough. She had given deaf ears to the sexist remarks she had received since the time she had joined the army. She had ignored them until now, not because she did not know how to retaliate. But because she did not want to deal with annoying pigs.

But it was now time for her to show what she was truly capable of. So, left her place and went to stand right in front of the minister who had mocked her a few seconds ago. The man was startled to see a shadow fall on him and when he looked up, he was terrified to see a furious Raelynn. However, the girl changed her expression right away and she gave him a sweet smile that was all the more petrifying.

The courtroom became silent at once when they noticed Raelynn move from her place. This was the first time they were witnessing her confronting someone. Every other time, she would brush off all their insults, making them look like barking dogs who had no better work.

"Minister Erebus, do have something against me? She asked directly, not twisting her words. She had tolerated until her limit, she could not allow men to demean women anymore. 

The Lord too saw the commotion that was taking place and one side of his lips curled up. Raeylnn had now taken charge and she would not sit still until the man she was out to battle with was obliterated, with no face to save. 

Just like Raelynn, the Lord too hated it when men criticized women, especially the one woman he was fond of. How could he tolerate those obnoxious men treating Raelynn this way and condemning her when he himself treated her with respect? No way. However, it was Raelynn who had stopped him from taking any actions. She did not want her brother to lose his cool at those annoying men.

Now that Raelynn herself had come forward to take care of the men, Eldrick would sit back and enjoy the show. He was waiting for this day for a long time and the opportunity came today. He was not going to miss it. 

The Minister who had just badmouthed about Raelynn could not help but gape at her for confronting him directly. He could neither deny it nor could he accept it. He was in the courtroom and his words sure were derogatory. Even the Lord himself would have been angry if he had heard it, although it was not directed at him. Lord Eldrick was a just man and he would never allow anybody to suffer injustice.

Erebus masked his anxiety behind his arrogant face and stared at Raelynn. "Not at all, Commander Rosevelt. Why would I have something against you?"

"In that case, can you repeat whatever you uttered just now?" Raelynn raised an eyebrow and folded her hands. She looked so domineering in her posture that for a second Erebus was tongue tied. Her eyes were cold and she was almost glaring at him. If he were at the war field right now, he would have had his head separated from his body by now. Goosebumps formed on his skin and the man broke into a cold sweat.

Not only him, every other man in the courtroom excluding Laurier and Elderick could feel her intimidating aura. She seemed to be another person altogether, the one they had never seen before. But Laurier felt something else that nobody else experienced. He could see the visible similarities between Raelynn and the Lord whenever they were irked. Their eyes, aura, posture, even their stance: everything was similar. 

Laurier looked back and forth between Raelynn and the Lord and he could find resemblance even in their facial structure. Although it was not that prominent, he could still detect them. If they stood beside each other, they could easily pass off as siblings. As soon as the thought came to his mind, a realization hit him. He had known that the Lord had a younger sister about whom not many people knew. He wondered if Raelynn was the Lord's sister and just the thought was enough to send Laurier into high alert. 

His chain of thought broke when he heard Raelynn's strong voice boom across the hall. "In that case, who the hell are you to badmouth me?"

Raelynn's choice of words stunned many people in the courtroom, including Eldrick. He had never seen her curse someone before and now that she did, she must be seriously pissed off. Now, he too was infuriated and his hands were itching to chop off the man's head. 'How dare he insult Raelynn?'

"Watch your tone, Commander Rosevelt," Erebus warned her, his face turning serious. "This is blatant disrespect."

"Oh, the man who does not know the meaning of disrespect is talking about being disrespected. If you have the courage to insult someone, I expect to you have the same courage to take the insults thrown at you." Every word of hers was like a slap to the man and he could not find any words to refute her. It was true that he was the one who started it and he was facing his retribution now. 

"And what were you talking about women not suitable for being in the courtroom or the battlefield? Or that we will ruin you. I wonder who is the one who frequently visits the red light area. And don't you dare deny it as everybody here knows about your true character." Raelynn reminded and the man shut his mouth once again. 

"How dare you men belittle women just because we are physically weaker than you? To be honest, women are stronger than any man present here. If she had not undergone so much pain, no man would be born on earth." Now, Raelynn's every word was directed at all the men in the courtroom and it was like a loud slap to the egoistic men. 

"And why should women not participate in courtroom procedures or enroll in the army?" Raelynn darted her eyes around the hall, making sure to look at every man present here. "You better remember that a woman is equal to you in all aspects, superior even. It disgusts me to see that such intellects have such narrow thinking." She pointed her hand at all of them and sighed lightly. 

"Although I still have a lot to speak, we are not here to have this discussion here. What we need to concentrate on is our enemy. But before that, let me put forth a warning. From now on, if I hear one wrong word against women from any of you, then you will be answerable to my sword."

As soon as these words left her mouth, audible gasps reverberated in the room. Everybody knew that Raelynn was the most formidable warrior in the kingdom of Volar and winning against her in a one on one battle was impossible, even for the other three Commanders. She was just the best.

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