7. Siblings meet

Raelynn hugged Eldrick and the man too reciprocated it with equal vigor and affection. How long had it been since the siblings met each other? 

"I missed you, Brother," Raelynn whispered as she pushed herself closer towards her brother. She always felt secure in his arms. After their parents' death, it had been Eldrick who had taken care of Raelynn. She had been only seven years when her father was killed by an assassin while her brother was thirteen. Their mother could not tolerate the heartbreak of losing her beloved husband and she fell into depression.

Barely a year had passed since their father's death, their mother too left them. Since then, it had only been the two of them and they took care of each other dearly.

"I missed you too, Raelynn." The Lord replied back with a smile on his face. After his sister decided to join the army, he had been left alone in the palace and he missed her more than anything. He did not have any interest in anything and yearned for his sister's company occasionally. 

Even while walking along the palace corridors, he would reminisce the good times they had spent in the childhood when their parents were still alive. If not for the attack, her parents would probably be alive and his sister would not have had to deal with the stressful work of being a Commander. He still remembered the day when Raelynn had approached him to ask permission for enrolment in the army. 

A month had passed since their mother's death and both the kids had lost their smiles. Eldrick had taken over the throne at the age of thirteen and with power came responsibilities. He had to deal with the political issues as well as take care of his kingdom, making sure that his people were safe. He would be surrounded by ministers and other soldiers all day and he barely had time for his sister who was left all alone in the palace.

Although Raelynn had a governess who taught all possible things which a girl of her age must know, the little girl still found it lonely and she yearned for company. The only time the brother and the sister met was at breakfast. And then, the entire would be spent with them getting busy with their work.

One day, she was taking a break from her learning when Raelynn noticed her brother practicing sword fighting with his trainer. She observed the way the two fought while each making sure not to severely injure the other person. Raelynn was immediately captured by it and she too wanted to learn sword fighting. At that time, she was only fifteen years old.

That night itself, she made a decision she knew would change her life forever. The next morning, when the siblings met at breakfast, she put forth her wish before him. "Brother, I want to join the army." She neither requested him, nor did she beg him. She straight away declared her wish and the man could only gape at her in surprise.

"Raelynn, why did you have this thought suddenly? Did something happen?"

"No, Brother. Nothing happened. I just want to join the army and I hope you will allow me to do as I wish."

"But Raelynn joining the army is not as easy as it looks. You will have to undergo a lot of trouble and strict and hard training. It will be nothing like palace life. Your life will be in danger at all times." Eldrick tried to sway his sister's thoughts. But the girl was as adamant as ever. She stayed fix on her words and none of his attempts to change her decision was effective on her.

"Fine. You may apply for the selection of the next batch next month. But remember, my dear sister, if at any time of the day you find the training to be hard, you can return home immediately. Your brother will always be there for you." Raelynn was touched by her brother's words. However, she had made up her mind to survive the harsh training, even if it meant that she would have to undergo things she had never done before.

Eldrick had expected his sister to return home after a month or two, but who knew that the girl would survive all the harsh conditions end up becoming a soldier. Not only that, just in a matter of six years she had ended up becoming the first female Commander of the kingdom of Volar. 

The man who had been waiting for his sister to return home, could not help but smile at her in pride once he found out her abilities. Just like him, Raelynn too was extraordinary and he then decided not to intervene with her happiness. If being in the army excited her, so be it. He gave her the freedom she wanted. But with freedom came its limitation. 

At first, before Raelynn joined the army, the siblings at least met during breakfast. But now, they met once in a few weeks, and sometimes, even months would pass with them not seeing each other.

Now that the two had met after a long time, they decided to catch up on each other's lives. "How are you, Brother?"

"I am not doing good, Raelynn. With you not around, I find the palace lonely and it becomes miserable to even spend a minute." The man said dejectedly.

"Then, why don't you find a suitable bride and get married brother? She will accompany you and you will have someone to love and cherish." Raelynn suggested with a playful smile on her face. Eldrick chuckled lightly hearing her words. This was what they spoke about whenever they met. His sister never forgot to bug him to get married. He was already in his early thirties and it was high time that he got married.

"I will when I find a bride of my liking."

"Looks like I will have to step in now and take matters into my own hands."

"I would be glad if you do so. Saves me the trouble." Eldrick winked as he handed her a chalice containing juice. Raelynn could only roll her eyes at her brother.

"I wonder how the girl who is destined to be with you will tolerate you in the future."

"I wonder too. I hope she has a strong heart and can bear with me. That reminds me, how far are you along with Laurier?" Eldrick gave his sister a mischievous smile as he took a sip from his chalice.

"We have not even taken a step into it."

"Why? The man clearly likes you. His expressions are quite vivid and even I can feel it. Why can't you?"

"Do you think I don't know about it, Brother? I can see the way he looks at me when I am not noticing. But what can I do when the man himself is hesitating to take the first step?" Raeylnn shrugged her shoulders as though she was not the one at fault here. She had long known how the man felt about her and she too felt the same about him. She had no idea when she had fallen for him. Slowly, but surely, she did. But the man was dense and he could not get the subtle hints that Raelynn had been sending him occasionally.

"In that case, why don't you take the initiative? Laurier seems to be afraid of losing the friendship he has with you. That might be the reason for him to not convey his feelings."

"Do you think it would be a good idea?" Raelynn thought about her brother's words and her brows furrowed as she tried to think of a solution.

"Of course. Follow what your heart says, Raelynn. Go for him. I don't think you would find anyone who is better than him."

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Miranda Petterson
wow thoughtdlful brother, he care her a lot not use her for gain political power by marring her into other country or high noble

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