13. Courtroom kill

Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Hollis.

A courtroom session was in full progress and the ministers were in deep discussion. And, the king of the land, Dimitri Vegus looked at everybody with a bored expression. He had no idea why they were even trying to complicate things when he had the easiest solution. His wicked eyes ran around trying to read through the people's minds. After a long time, silence ensued in the hall and Dimitri raised his eyebrows wondering what his genius ministers had come up with.

"My King, after a lot of discussion and suggestions we have decided to attack the kingdom of Volar when they would have lowered their guards against us." One of the men with a small white beard stood up and started to put forth his words before the evil man.

Dimitri smiled suddenly and it was one filled with mystery. Nobody knew what was running in his mind, not that they ever did. The man was the most enigmatic creature anybody had ever seen. His mind functioned in

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