14. Marriage proposal

"I hate it when people betray me," Dimitri bellowed and the next second, the man's head rolled to the floor. There were blotches of blood on Dimitri's face as well as his clothes. But the man did not care. He liked the smell of blood, especially when it belonged to someone who he did not like. It gave him a bestial ecstasy like no other and it made him feel all the more powerful.

Dimitri did not even care to wipe the blood off the sword. He dragged his weapon with its tip scratching the floor while blood dripped from it, leaving a trail behind him. Although some of the older men could not tolerate the gruesome scene, they sat still lest they should anger their king. They did not want to be the next in line to get their heads chopped off.

Dimitri's back was towards his audience. So, nobody could see him, especially the demonic form that had taken over him. He was nothing less than the devil reincarnated and the men in the hall hoped that he would calm down soon. But who

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