16. Fairy floss

'Lord Eldrick...'

Zaina poured out all that she felt for him in her letter, hoping against hope that he would come to save her. The girl could only wish for the man to be considerate enough to help her escape the marriage, even if he did not reciprocate her feelings. She had an inkling that Eldrick might not remember her as it was a long time ago when they had met.

Zaina wiped her tears that were now staining the letter and dropped her quill to calm herself down. Her mind went back to the day when she had first met the man she had come to love eventually.

It had been the season of the spring and the kingdom of Volar had organized the annual Spring Festival. People from far and wide had traveled over just to see this amazing festival. Moreover, that year's Spring Festival had been quite special as the main event day fell on the day of the lunar eclipse. And according to ancient belief the folks followed, the lunar eclipse was a day of blessings and happiness. So,

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