17. Surprise in the morning

Kharal led Zaina around, showing all the different things she was coming across for the first time in her life. Seeing the way the festival was being organized, she realized how thoughtful and smart the Lord of Volar was. The festival marked as an opportunity for many people to showcase their talents to the public. Also, the local merchants and dealers would make a profit from the travelers and guests who came to visit the kingdom during this time.

'It is no wonder that the Lord of Volar is considered a smart man. Even I am amazed at his intelligent thinking.' Zaina thought. The couple walked along the streets, with Kharal leading the way as he gently explained the events that would be held in the upcoming days. To his pleasant surprise, the lady beside him was listening to everything he was speaking intently. 

Kharal stifled a smile as he continued to speak and neither of the duo noticed how swiftly the time had passed. Only when they saw some of the stalls closi

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