69. Interrogation - Part 1

"Why did you kill Fergus?" Eldrick's question made the man's eyes widen, and he dropped to his knees at once, bowing his head before him.

"Milord, I did not kill Sir Fergus. I am innocent. I did not kill him." He pleaded, his eyes tearing up in terror. "Milord, I did not kill anyone. Please, believe me."

Eldrick narrowed his eyes, and he stared at the man trying to see through him. The man's body language did not seem strange. Although he was appalled and trembling, it was a reaction Eldrcik had already expected from him. "What is your name?" Eldrick did not ask him to get up, and the man had no choice but to stay on his knees.

"Curtis, Milord." The man replied without lifting his head.

"Curtis, say how many people are there in your family?" Although Eldrick's question was simple and harmless, Curtis knew that the Lord was threatening him, and he shuddered in fear.

"Milord," He cried, his mind unable to fathom what he had done wrong. "Please spare

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