70. Interrogation - Part 2

After Curtis left the room, Eldrick had taken his eat on the chair, while he waited for the next man to enter. The dagger, he had removed earlier, lay on the table. Eldrick had not taken the effort to put it back to its original place. 

As soon as the man entered the room, his eyes fell on the Lord's face before they settled on the dagger that greeted him wholeheartedly. His eyes widened in disbelief and apprehension, and he could move his gaze away. Eldrick was amused to see his reaction. While Curtis had been scared to even lift his head and meet him in the eye, the second man was completely opposite to him.

He had not only stared at him without showing him any respect, but he was also gaping at the dagger. Eldrick cleared his throat to gain the man's attention. He was younger than Curtis and from what he remembered, Eldrick was certain that he was the youngest among the three assistants.

"Are you done staring?" Eldrick chided him and the man blinked in c

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