72. Interrogation - Part 4

Hiro's happiness vanished, and his shoulders dropped hearing the Lord's determined words. "You may leave now and send the last man." Eldrick waved his hands and Hiro dejectedly left the room.

The moment the two assistants saw him, they rushed him. "What happened? Why was the Lord furious?"

Hiro snapped out of his miserable thoughts and shook his head at them. "Ah, that's nothing. Ravi, the Lord wants you to go in."

Ravi narrowed his eyes at him, and he observed him closely. There was something strange in Hiro, but he could fathom what. Not wanting to make the Lord wait, Ravi entered the room after knocking at it.

Eldrick was beyond infuriated. He was annoyed at Hiro and he still had another assistant to deal with. He could not control his frustration, and his face showed how he felt the moment Ravi entered. 

Ravi took a glance at the Lord to read his expression before he lowered his gaze. "Milord," He bowed at him politely, and Eldrick let out

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