73. Expensive clothes

Ravi left the room and met the two other assistants who were waiting for him in anticipation. His calm gaze did not give anything away and the men could only frown at him. "Ravi, is everything fine? Are you fine?"

"Yes, I am fine. The Lord wants to meet you, Curtis." Ravi reiterated the Lord's orders, making Curtis's jaw drop.

"Why me?" He wailed, keeping his voice low so as to not alert the two ministers who were guarding the room. 

"I don't know. It's best that you deal with it soon. The Lord seems vexed." Ravi stated calmly. However, the calmer he was, more the anxious Curtis became. He had just escaped the Lord's wrath, coming out alive from the lion's den. Now he was asked to go again. How could he do it?

"Do you know the reason?" Curtis was almost about to cry and Ravi was sure that once the man stepped inside the room, he would be begging for his life given the way the Lord looked.

Having no other choice, Curtis knocked at the door and

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