75. Attacked

Eldrick rode his carriage, thinking about Curtis's words again. 'Who is the Minister he was talking about?' He pondered over it, his mind unable to move away from the issue. 'Is he saying the truth, or is he just trying to deceive me?' Eldrick closed his eyes, his head throbbing in pain. The recent turn of events was too twisted and complicated, but it was not something Eldrick could not handle.

"Milord," Oakley had been observing Eldrick since the time they had left the warehouse. The Lord was lost in thoughts, not speaking the entire time. He had not said a word about what he had found out from the three men, and this was making the two ministers curious and anxious. Oakley's voice brought Eldrcik out of his thoughts, and he lifted his head in confusion. "Is everything fine, Milord? You seem lost and troubled."

"Minister Oakley, I wonder if we should recruit new ministers and remove the older ones." Eldrick put forth his thoughts before the two ministers he trusted t

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