76. Choosing death

Eldrick sat on the chair, his eyes not leaving the man who was kneeling before him. The two royal guards were standing beside him keeping him in check, while the other two guards stood outside the manor. 

Eldrick crossed his leg, his imposing aura impossible to ignore. He tilted his head with his lips pursed, and everybody could tell at once glance that he was beyond furious. And why wouldn't he be? Since the time he had set foot outside the castle, he had been uncovering shocking information one after the other. The day had been anything but pleasant, and Oakley wondered how much more would they uncover by the end of the day.

"Commander Carrier," Eldrick's voice resonated through the room. "Care to explain what we just witnessed." Although the Lord was giving an option for the man, everybody knew that it was not so. He was only ordering the man gently to do as he was told. Or else, the consequences would be dire.

However, his threat did not affect the man,

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Dominic Matthews
it says ongoing is this the end
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