Chapter 43: Getting into Lion's Den!

The moment he called her name on phone, her whole body went through different shivers. Dissimilar bit similar feelings were flowing through her nerves. She doesn’t have words for them…she wanted to comprehend such feel…but was failed. Her heart was in turmoil but with sweetness. Her mind was blank and her body was numb…after few seconds of pause, she again heard his voice…calling her name again.

“Reese…are you there?” Armaan said. The moments when she was silent on the other side he can hear her abnormal breaths. He can’t see her but clearly imagined her facial expressions. He knows her heart is somewhat flustered…with his proximity, even if it was created by his voice. And he was enjoying this. He loves his effect on her.

Does she know how much I crave for her? How much I want to touch her? Feel her? Her soft body pressed against mine hard…her soft and plump pink lips that always invites me to bi

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