Chapter 44: Asking for an Indirect Dinner Date!

Reese was fully immersed in the work that was assigned to her by Armaan. While working she never paid attention to her surroundings, even if there is loud music it won’t affect her. Seeing her so engrossed in work Armaan was amused to beyond. He knows her capabilities & competencies and how hardworking she was but this is the first time he was experiencing it 100%. 

Apart from looking too professional, he found her too adorable. 

It was already half past 6 in the evening and they both were busy, of course in between his work Armaan was peeping at Reese from time to time.

Armaan slowly went near the coffee table where Reese was working and hovered her from behind. But as she was so deeply occupied and absorbed in her work she didn’t realize his so closed presence. To break her trance of work thoughts, he coughed a little but that also didn’t work. So he finally decided to use his trick…you guess it right…get more clos

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