Chapter 46: Dinner Date…Contd.

Reese was enjoying her food ignoring Armaan as if doesn’t exist there.

But suddenly she realized or as if sensed that he is not eating, she looked up to him and saw he was actually not eating. He was drinking red wine only.

“Why are you not eating? Aren’t you hungry?” She asked him.

Listening to her question, Armaan felt he only want to answer the second part of the question. Yes, he was hungry and wants to eat her...but he can’t say it aloud.

When he didn’t reply, she asked again, “Drinking without eating anything would be bad for your health, eat something…”

“Are you worried that I’ll get sick?” He asked in a calm tone but his eyes were having different emotions.

She thought “Why this person never gets anything straight from me? I don’t how she always interprets the meaning which I don’t mean to? Did he do all this deliberately or is he really dumb?&

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