Chapter 47: Kevin Beck Meeting Lake Seven!

Kevin’s meeting was fixed with Lake Seven after a week. Before meeting her he has gathered all information about Lake as an individual because he knows how Seven’s family was but this daughter was nothing but a spoiled brainless brat who thinks the whole world is owned by her.

This made it easy for him to manipulate her but the great threat was her foolishness as she can act rashly without thinking of any outcomes. That has proved the incident in which she tried to trap Reese with Liam. But he knows how to handle her, with all care.

Lake entered the private place chosen by Kevin.

“I trust you will not waste my time and hope to get the results soon with your so-called plan…” She said while sitting opposite him.

Kevin really wants to give him a good response but he knew he needs to hold for a while. He will get even with her but first, he needs to sort out Reese and Armaan.

“Of course Ms. Lake…we both know

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