Wolf Under the Moonlight
Wolf Under the Moonlight
Author: Apollona

Chapter 1 : The Strange Wolf

When Asteria wake up, she was a little disoriented. Yawning and rubbing her eyes as if she just had a great sleep, Asteria began to scan her surroundings.

It was a bit blurry, and in her imagination, she thought that she saw a wolf. Letting out a few chuckles, Asteria rubbed her eyes again as her sight became clearer.

However, the sight of a huge wolf sleeping on the ground below a tree was still there. Then, it dawned at her that Asteria wasn't dreaming about the wolf. She rubbed her eyes again this time more furiously, yet the wolf was still there.

"Dam, what's this big guy doing here?" She narrowed her eyes. As the realization hit her, Asteria was confused for a moment. It seemed that the one who should be asking what she was doing here was the wolf, as she even felt lost of where she was.

"What's this place?" Asteria murmured, looking rather gloomy. She glanced at the wolf and began to think. It looked like she was sent here by someone. But, where she was now? And that huge wolf which was two meters tall, she had never seen an animal this big.

But, Asteria also didn't want to seek death although she was curious about its strength. She would be no different than a defenseless rabbit in front of this wolf.

Her feet were trembling slightly as she tried to stand up, though she forced herself to hold on. She didn't know what reaction this wolf would have if it found out that she was here. She didn't want to be eaten for sure.

Trudging along the uneven ground, Asteria pushed her weak body forward. She didn't know what happened to the body beforehand. It was uncomfortable as she couldn't get used to it. She was an athlete of weight lifting after all.

There was only a small sound of a small body being dragged away through the grassy path. Aster heaved a small sigh of relief as she noticed that her distance and the wolf had grown in quite an amount.

However, as soon as the crisp sound of something breaking created noises around the area, Asteria fell into a state of shock. She had never expected that the small fiery red flower she had just stepped on had such a reaction.

Asteria was about to run in another direction and save herself as soon as she saw the incoming explosion. A loud growl that seemed to made turned silent to everything finally appeared.

The loud growl full of majesty and power resounded through the entire region that the ground around her began to shake slightly. Asteria backed away, vaguely inside the fog she could see that it was the wolf from earlier.

As the dust dispersed, the huge body of the wolf was revealed. Asteria was so stunned that she froze in place. After all, this was the first time that she has seen a wolf this huge.

The wolf began to walk towards her, making Asteria felt rather confused. Yet, at the same time, she realized that this wolf must've taken a liking to the flesh in her body. It must be hungry.

Asteria backed away as the wolf kept on advancing towards her, taking huge strides that in no time it had arrived in a small distance in front of her.

As she prepared to run, Asteria gradually noticed the strangeness of this wolf. Instead of attacking her, its eyes showed confusion. To her surprise, the wolf unexpectedly obediently laid down beside her, looking at her with a docile gaze.

Stunned, she gazed at the wolf in wonder. "Eh, you are quite a smart one. What are you doing here?"

The wolf who already had its eyes closed as it laid a few meters away suddenly opened its eyes, almost making Asteria felt startled. After all, this is her first time handling a possible feral animal like this.

It gazed at Asteria with a neutral face, neither it was happy nor annoying. Asteria didn't know what she should do right now. So, she just stared at the wolf curiously. If the wolf had no intention of attacking her, why did it changed its sleeping place then?

However, this time the wolf seemed to not have any intention to go back to sleep. It continued to gaze at Asteria, which was making her felt rather uncomfortable. The wolf looked at her for a long time before it did something that made Asteria alarmed.

She looked at the paw that was high above as if preparing to scratch her face. Asteria dodged to the side, though she failed. The impact was rather great as the paw slammed into her, making her overcame with dizziness.

The wolf paw touched Asteria's body, almost crushing her while running away. She winced slightly, however, she was lucky that the wolf didn't have any intention to kill her. Otherwise, she would've been turned into meat pasted by now.

As the crushing force weighed down her body, it suddenly triggered the memory that she didn't directly remember the moment she woke up earlier. Asteria endured the pain as the realization of her current situation came to her.

The wold didn't directly retract its paws, but only inspecting Asteria as if it was thinking about something. All of a sudden, the wolf lifted its paw from Asteria's body that had already bent slightly, making her sigh in relief. If the wolf had added any more pressure, she wouldn't be able to bear it.

Asteria looked at the wolf with a complicated gaze. Turn out that this wolf, not only big but also have such monstrous strength. So, Asteria thought better that she shouldn't provoke this wolf too much right now.

What she desperately needed was to search for a way to go back. The last time she remembered wasn't a pleasant memory.

Thought what she couldn't accept what was that woman did to her. Now, she landed in this unlucky predicament and have to search for the way when she realized that, as she scanned the surroundings, she didn't find any cliff at all...

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