Chapter 7: Picking Herbs

Asteria and Annie departed in the early morning when the sun hadn't even risen yet. Breathing in the fresh and relaxing air, combined with the humid atmosphere, it gave off a slightly cold feeling.

The animal skin made into clothes that Asteria wore right now helped her fend off against the low temperature. She walked alongside Annie, who seemed to be nimble as she jumped around the sticking out low branches of trees.

The grass was pretty high, just as expected in this kind of forest. Mosses grew unhindered, adding the color of green into the scenery. Dew dotted the leaves, though it caused slippery when one stepped above the mosses.

Asteria had never taken a proper look at this situation. The sun was still hiding, but the sky had gradually brightened. So, she still managed to see everything clearly.

As someone who had been living so long in the city with air pollution, she enjoyed it living here.

"The journey might take several
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