Chapter 10: Thread of Destiny

It alarmed Asteria that she retracted her hands back in shock. It was almost as if electricity had struck her, but somehow this one gave a weird, pleasant feeling. She stared at the man in wonder. Was he struck by lightning before falling down? But what was with this blood? Looked like he got bitten by some kind of wild beasts, judged by the wound on his neck.

The man still didn’t react, and Asteria wondered if he was dead. She wanted to confirm again, but she was concerned about that weird feeling. She analyzed the man to see if he was still alive. Asteria was sure that his skin was warm earlier, so she concluded he was still alive.

The sight of red coating his neck and dripped into the ground also contributed to her worries. His wound seemed to be quite a severe one, and it seemed he was still losing blood. His wound looked fresh, as if it was caused not too long ago.

Asteria winced slightly. With gritted teeth, she finally decided

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