Chapter 37: The Silver Wolf

Asher brought Asteria out of the room, realizing that the girl had been trembling slightly. She didn't have her sword to defend herself. Even if her body condition had improved somehow, it was still nothing in front of a half-transformed werewolf. Strengthening the body needed a lot of time and patient effort.

That blow from that man had blasted the metal bars apart. The room wasn't created like the ones for werewolves, which contained a lot of traps and restraining force toward their bloodline.

Annie's body was smashed to a wall due to the shockwave. She was currently unconscious. Thanks to Selena's persuasion that the guard finally allowed them to bring a doctor in.

"There's no benefit in curing the prisoner who was about to die." Elias shook his head as he explained to Asteria. "If not for us bringing our

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