Chapter 43: The Warmth

"Did they bully you?" Asher asked, glancing briefly at the pair of brothers, Nox and Josh, who jolted as soon as Asher's gaze landed on them.

Josh and Nox looked at Asteria hopefully, as if she was the savior of both of them. However, Asteria threw them a mischievous glance, causing the two's hearts to almost sink and melt into the ground.

"No," Asteria said.

Asher smiled, said nothing. The pair of brothers who were about to sigh in relief upon hearing Asteria's answer could felt their hearts tightened again, discovering that there was something wrong with the atmosphere.

"I can ask them to perform some moves right?" Asteria asked Asher mysteriously. "I wonder how their ability compares to Elias right now."


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