(3)He's back?

"Are you okay now?" Liam asked me bringing me out of my thoughts. 

We were in the kitchen, I am sitting in the counter and he standing between my legs wrapping my hand with the bandage. It is a lot to take in, me running and hiding under my bed, Liam suddenly in my home, it feels like tomorrow I will wake up and everything will be a dream. 

We were standing too close for my liking, my heart is beating at an unusual speed, I worry it will explode.

"I'm okay" I mumble looking away from his worried pair of eyes.


"Thanks," I said referring to my hand. I pull my hands away from his warm one, he nodded in understanding and step away putting some distance between us. 

"How did you get in? I remember locking the door" I said curiously as to how he got in.

"Ah about that, I pick up Justin from his school and met your mom. She requested me to drop those vegetables here and gave me her keys" he explained pointing his hands towards the vegetable sack. 

That explains why there were vegetables in the dining table. I nod my head at his word. 

Justin is his youngest brother and my mom is his Class teacher.

He left at that and the silence is almost unbearable. How could someone standing here so close but it feels like we are miles away? 

"So when did you come back?" I asked breaking the silence. He looks away from me suddenly looking guilty. 

"Last month" he mumbles looking anywhere but me. 

I nod my head in understanding although I could feel my throat tightening and swallow the lump in my throat. Last month, he says. One word enough to break me. One month yet he never told me. Why should he? I thought. 

I stood up abruptly averting my eyes towards the door. I badly wanted him to go but didn't believe myself to open my mouth. "Okay. Thank you for the vegetables. Is there anything else?" I ask quietly. 

"Oh no, okay then, I better go," he says his eyes never meeting mine. 


He strides towards the front door never turning back. I could only stare at his retreating figure with pain in my chest. He turns back one last time uttering good night and the door closing by itself. 

"Good Night. " 

I remember the words 'Every time we say goodbye, I die a little ' It's exactly how I felt every time he says goodbye we are getting farther and farther away from each other. The last time he said goodbye it took eleven months to see him again. This time how long will it take to see him again? 

My mind wanders back to the time he got his first girlfriend. It was in the 8th grade, he was unusually cheery that day,  even walking me home without winning the whole way which left me intrigued.

Being the nosy friend I was, I decided to stalk him. I remember wearing my black hoodie and black trousers for the stalking. I followed him all the way to the girl house, they met up at the pond beside our town and later hold hands walking together talking, smiling, eating their chips occasionally.  

I hide under the bushes clenching my fist, I remember holding back my anger and when I couldn't take it anymore I walk towards them ripping their chips off their hand and punching Liam in his shoulder.

The whole time they were gapping at me with their eyes wide. I threw their food in the ground stepping on them.

Liam tried to calm me down but I ignore him and left them gaping at me. I went my way back home crying furiously, as a kid I thought that if Liam has a girlfriend he would not play with me anymore. Later that evening, Liam came to visit me but I refuse to talk with him. He bought me lays, kurkure, uncle chips, and my favourite ice cream flavour and I find it too hard to resist the food and forgave him easily. 

Although he had a girlfriend he never left me, we were always able to find our way back together every time we fought ever since we were young. 

Not this time, my subconscious added.

I sign running my hair with my fingers, so much for sleeping. 

My mind wanders backs to my dad, what if he was beaten to death asking for money? That thought sent shivers down to my feet. I could never bear the thought of dad getting beat up. My own tears betrayed me and roll down my cheek. The image of my dad with broken limbs flashes in my eyes which doesn't help my crying. I know I should probably stop but once I cried I never knew how to end it. The door creaks open and I saw mom worried face appearing in front of me. She tries to talk but I ran upstairs before she could ask me. I don't find it in me to talk with her at the moment. When things get too hard I realise I need to cry too, because it is the way of coping with hardship. 

I badly needed Liam to console me like he always did, to tell me everything is gonna be okay but he's too far away, away from me. 

I showered and slowly unwrapped my hand, the wound is still fresh and I badly needed to put betadine to stop the bleeding. I close my eyes shooing Liam face from the back of my mind. 

'He can never be mine' I chanted to myself. He makes it clear himself that day.

It's the early morning I heard shouting from downstairs. 

"When will you return our money?"

"I am sorry Jonah it's just my work is not complete. Give me another two months" I heard my dad pleading softly. 

"How long will you keep saying that Ryan?" I hear the man shouting. I could imagine my dad looking so helpless trying to calm the man down. 

My throat tightens and I swallow the lump in my throat. 

"I know I know it's so long, but what I can I do? please give me another two months " 

"Fine, but this is the last time Ryan. I should have never met you " the man spat and afterwards I hear the door slamming and mom and dad arguing for another round. 

The money I thought bitterly, the reason why my family falls apart is because of the money, why  Friends turn enemies. I regret waking up so early, if not I wouldn't have heard the conversation. 

I walk around the town aimlessly searching for the shop mom told me, This morning when I wake up mom ask me to bring red chilli from the shop. I agree because everywhere is better than the place I live, moreover, the shop mom told me is two houses away from Liam home. Now that I know he's back I can't help but think about him. 

When I reach the shop, I saw many of the town people buying commodities having conversations chuckling occasionally, I felt uncomfortable having a conversation with them after what felt like a year.

I put my headphones on playing not really wanting to talk. Liam had taught me wearing headphones is one of the ways to avoid talking, which is very effective. After what felt like forever, I walk slowly towards the wooden shop, dreading for the conversation.

Aunt Phoebe beams widely when she sees me, "Is that you Scarlet? How long has it been since I last saw you? Oh my you're getting prettier and prettier every day. I should take you as my daughter-in-law." she says cheerily. 

I grimace thinking about his twenty-eight-year-old sons. 

"Hi, Aunt phoebe, How have you been?" I ask politely. 

"Just call me mom darling, your mom is doing great " she jokes playfully which left me chuckling. 

"That's great Aunty, Oh anyway can you give me chillies for 100 Rs. ?"

"Oh, of course, give me a sec. Oh, by the way, have you met Liam? That kid came back last month, aren't you guys close?" She asks me curiously. I really feel like going back home not wanting to have this conversation. 

"Actually I met him yesterday," I said


"I remember when you guys were kids, both of you were the naughtiest kids around here. The other kids were scared to befriend you two" Aunt phoebe says smiling. Like I could ever forget about us. 

"Of course I remember Aunt he was my best friend" 

"Haha. Okay here's your chilli darling. Tell your mom to come to visit me. Okay," She says handing me the sack which I gladly receive eager to leave the place. 

"See you later Auntie " 

"Stay healthy Scarlet. Take care of your parents. " I nod my head at her words and finally left the shop putting back my headphones on. 

When I return home, there was a four-five car park outside my home. I walk inside my home cautiously,  when there is always someone who would come asking for money there would be a single-vehicle but five vehicles is just too much. I walk in my living room and was met with people I have never met my whole life

Liam, his mom and his dad were also there sitting in the sofas. My eyes drifted towards my mother who was sniffing and dad soothing her rubbing her back continuously. 

Liam saw me first and stands up striding towards me. He looks so devastated, making me feel sick like something bad happened. I  felt that that something happened. 

"Scarlet pack your bags now," Liam said looking miserably lost. 

"What?" I ask and mom lifting her head up when she hears me. Her tears stream down her face at the sight of me. 

"Mom, what's going on?"

All pairs of eyes stare at me wide-eye making me feel uneasy. Before anybody could say anything I walk past Liam and run up my room leaving the sack of chillies in the armchair. I have a feeling whatever they were talking about is something I don't want to hear. I hear footsteps and soon Liam came in without knocking. 

"Scarlet what the hell was that?" He spat as soon as he sees me. He stood beside my table and peering down at me with a gloomy face. 

"Get out. " I spat not in the mood for any conversation. 

"The hell with getting out. You know what, pack your bags you're moving in with me" he declares.

"Are you serious now? Can you please leave me alone!?" I spat with annoyance. 

"Don't you even want to know why your mom is crying? When did you become so selfish?" He says with distaste evident in his words? I couldn't find in me to be even hurt by his word. 

"Why? What is it this time? It's all about money every time. I am sick of everything alright. Don't act like you suddenly care about my mom" I said standing up abruptly and pushing him out. 

Liam being the stronger one gets hold of my arms and make me look at him.

" Scarlet listen, I am so sorry but last night your dad ex-employee committed suicide and his family is blaming your dad. So, your parents are moving out of town for a while " he says pain evident in his voice but my mind could not process his word. 


Dad ex-employee

Blame your dad 

Just when I thought my life couldn't be more miserable. 


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Ina Marie Wheeler
True friends are hard to find. I'm glad to see this kinda type of friendship
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Yayy!!liam is back ??????

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