(4)Your boyfriend?

"Liam " I yell trying hard not to cry. We were alone in his home playing hide and seek. I was in his parent's room hiding in the closet. But it's almost been an hour and it's getting creepy. It reminded me of the horror movie, the girl hiding in the closet and then her phone ringing.

I bit my lips hard willing myself not to cry, it's dark in here and I couldn't find the courage to yell again fearing of any spirit. I fear that if I scream, a hand would suddenly clamp my mouth threatening to kill me. I pray in my head mentally, sweating profusely.

Tick Tock Tick  Tock

I was counting down seconds when the closet door yanks open.



I woke up alarmed and sat up yanking the covers off me. I look around frantically and my eyes landed on Liam sleeping figure at his chair. I look around his huge room, the walls are painted in a light shade of blue, the while ceiling and the white concrete, there were pictures of us when we young, us in the elementary school,  the BBS,  pictures of us in his birthday, every photo of us in sports or Christmas.

I close my eyes my mind wandering back to yesterday's news. Mom told me I fainted when Liam told me about the suicide, later, when I woke up, mom was still sobbing and all my bags we packed. Dad never talk to me, and as for mom she hugs me like we won't see each other for long and they left with their suitcases. They just left without telling me where they are staying not even their phone numbers. Liam mom consoles me saying it was for the best and that everything is God's plan.

I beg Aunt Ruth to allow me to stay alone but she practically drags me to her home. I don't know what step should I take ahead and I am too scared to step out of Liam's home.

Liam is adamant on letting me sleep

in his room at least for a few weeks and his mom reluctantly agrees. I understand where she is coming from, although we are siblings by clans and we were once best friends,  the idea of a teenager sharing a room together is not appealing.

I take the covers from the bed and cautiously walk towards his sleeping figure. I folded the covers and drape over his body.

He looks so peaceful, his brown hair covering half of his face, the faint moonlight reflecting his face, his pink full luscious lips parting slightly, Liam looks so beautiful it hurts. There's no one else who captured my heart like Liam. I long to touch his face, trace every flaw and kiss him savouring his taste but I knew I can't, I could never be his.

I walk back to the bed and catch the sight of my phone placed next to his phone in the nightstand. I open it and see that it's 4 am in the morning. It's the first week of November and the sky is still dark as nighttime. I walk over the window opening it slightly, shivering at the cold air hitting my bare arms. I continue gazing at the sky thanking God for making it look so glamorous and intriguing. My board exam is in last week of February but I don't have any desire to study anymore. I badly wanted to know where my parents are. It's not even one night but I miss mom and dad presence if only I could see them I wanted them to know I love them a lot.

I trudge down the stairs trying my best not to make any sound. It's still early and I could never get back to sleep so I decided to take a walk by myself. Our town is one of the safest places in the state and it is easy for girls to walk around even at night.

I close the door slowly and was about to step out of the gate but Liam voice stops me.

" where are you going?"

I turn my head back and see him standing in his doorway wearing his Adidas sweatpants, and his grey hoodie. His hair is messy but he looks fresh like he just washes his face.

"I am just gonna go for a walk," I say hoping he won't ask any further. I had a hard time talking with him, I never knew Liam and I would turn out this way. He was my other part, we were two peas in a pod, not only was he my deep, forbidden love, he was also my best friend.

Unrequited love, my mind added.

"Can I come with you?" He says striding towards me, I am still holding the gate standing awkwardly.

"Uhm okay" I mumble already regretting the thought of spending time with him.

"Come on then," Liam says stepping ahead of me. If we don't walk fast the sun would rise soon.

We walk down the street side by side not uttering a word. My mind drifts back to the year Liam got his first bicycle. His dad had bought him for his ninth birthday, he would always wake me up at dawn for riding a bicycle in the playground. Sometimes, I would just sit in the swing waiting for him. One morning, he had convinced me to ride it but me being the clumsy one, fell off his bike hurting my knee. I cried little but Liam wail like a little kid, It was me who felt down but he cried the whole way home. I smile picturing his face, we promise to never tell our parents about the accident and he was the one who bought bandaged for me. I remember wearing long pants for one whole week fearing my mom would see it. It was a naive and innocent idea, hiding from our mom thinking they won't let us go for riding anymore.

"Scarlet do you remember this place?" Liam asked breaking me out of my thoughts. I look ahead and saw the place he went for the date with his first girlfriend its almost seven years now and there were no more bushes. The place is all surrounded by houses.

"Yeah, the place I stalk you," I said smiling lightly. He chuckled turning his head at me  His light brown eyes seem to be in pain gazing at me softly, I look away feeling dejected.

"Scar, I miss those days" he uttered softly. My heartache at his word, why did I have to fall for my best friend.

"Liam if you want me to stop loving you, stop saying those"

"What if I don't want you to?" He replied leaving me confused.


"Nothing, come on let's head back," he says walking ahead of me. I don't want to dwell on his word and I follow him wordlessly.

When we came back, his mom is sweeping the verandah nagging about Justin waking up late. She waves us over when she sees me, I walk over curious as to what she had to say.

"Scarlet your friend came and he's waiting for you in the living room"

Friend? I wonder considering I don't have one in the first place. "Aunt my friend?" I ask you again. She nods her head grinning.

"A handsome one at that" she winks.

Suddenly I remember Chase, my face flush red at her word.

"Uhm okay"

I walk in the living room and sure enough, Chase is sitting in one of the chairs playing his phone.


"Hey Scarlet" he greets standing up from his seat.

"Uhm hey" I greet back wondering how he finds me here.

"Are you okay?" He asks me looking worried. I never told him about what happened but I guess he already finds out considering his dad is the Sherrif.

"I am okay. How did you find me?"

"I tried calling you but your phone is off so I wanted to check you up. You weren't home so your neighbour told me you were here. "

"Oh sorry I didn't call you soon"

"It's fine Scarlet, I am just worried about you."

"Thank you," I said grateful for caring so much. His face softens and walks slowly towards me pulling me to his arms. His arms are oddly comfortable and warm, he is the only one care enough to look for me. We pull apart when we hear a throat clearing, Liam is staring at us with an emotionless expression. I step away from Chase abruptly, he looks confused but he nods in understanding when he sees Liam.

"Hey, there I am Scarlet boyfriend nice to meet you " Chase greets stretching his hand for a shake.

"Nice to meet you too" Liam greets back shaking Chase's hand.

"Liam, can you please tell Aunt I am going out?" I asked Liam hoping he'll say yes. I need to go to my home and pack my practical books and I need more clothes, I could ask Chase to drop me off.

"Where are you going?"Liam asks m frowning.

" My home"

"We can go later," says Liam his voice hardening.

" Oh I could just drop her on my way home," Chase says smiling at me. Liam narrowed his eyes but I am already running up the stairs ignoring the glares at the back of my head. I put on new pants considering the one I am wearing is a pyjama.

I run down the stairs but Chase is nowhere to find but Liam is the only one sitting in his chair casually sipping his tea. He stood up placing his tea in the table walking towards me. " come on let's go" he said nonchalantly.

"But I thought "

"He's gone, now, come on don't just stand there. " he walks past me heading towards the door. I sign and follow him wordlessly with my heart beating at the abnormal speed.

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