(5)Little crush

Two years ago,

Zinc granules react with dilute sulphuric acid to give hydrogen gas. Hydrogen burns in air with a pop sound.

I yell almost tearing my hair out, our school conducts a monthly test and I have chemistry paper tomorrow but I haven't touched a single thing. When it comes to chemistry I could hardly understand anything, although Liam excels in every subject, I don't. Sometimes, I wanted to smack him hard for being so smart.

Liam is older than me by only four months but he's my senior. I am in 10th grade which makes him 11th grade this year. Liam is the one who always helps me with my studies but he's caught a cold this time and I have no one to study with. I know I'll have a hard time without him when he graduates earlier than me.

I knock the door rapidly knowing Liam is probably asleep or playing video games. The door creaks open revealing Liam messy hair and puffy eyes wearing three layers of the jacket, I feel like sweating just by looking at him. I would have laughed at him because he somehow looks like a cocoon.

"If you laugh right now I'll murder you," he said narrowing his eyes at me.

"Hah. I told you not to go swimming in winter" I said in a duh tone.

"Don't tell me I told you so," he says stepping away to let me in.

"I told you so, Oh I told you so, I told you someday you'll come crawling back and asking me to take you in" I sang just to annoy him. I could see his eyes rolling at me.

"You're so annoying," he said smacking my head.

"I know you love me' I replied sticking my tongue at him playfully.

" Why are you here?"

"I heard my best friend is on the verge of death so I came to fulfil your last wish. Any words you want to say?" I said seriously.

"Yes. Actually. Could you please pass a message to someone for me. " he said playing along with me.

"Yes, Mr Liam what do you want me to do?"

"I know this annoying girl named Scarlet, she lives the other side of the neighbourhood. please tell her I can't teach her chemistry today. "

"What? Really? Liam, you have to help me" I pleaded.

"I am sorry baby your Oppa is sick today," he says faking a cough.

"Don't call me baby, and what Oppa? " I laugh at his word.

"Yeah. You guys use to call the Korean guys Oppa right?"

"Yeah. But anyway Liam it's just a cold, I promise only ten questions and I'll be gone"

"Only cold? Are you serious? Don't you see I could hardly open my eyes "

"But have the strength to argue with me" I mumble under my breath.

"What was that?" He says cupping his ears.

"Stay away from me I don't want to catch your flu"

"I see, how do you want me to teach if I can't even come near you "

"It's quite easy actually, you still have that fake binocular that comes with your toy gun right?"

"Haha. You think that will work "

"Of course, you sit in the sofa I'll sit in the dining table, try looking from there" I suggest and he nods his head in understanding.

For the next twenty minutes, we spent our time walking up and down the stairs searching for his toy. We look in his room, their storage room and finally we found one in Justin room. It's not the same one but we took it. Justin still plays with toys considering he's only eight.

"Come on let's try"

"Go sit there and open your book," he says eager to try out.

"Place your book at the end of the table" he instructs.

"Okay, try reading, " I say opening a random chapter and placing at the end of the table. We are sitting far away from each other. Liam in the living room and me in the kitchen. Their living room and the kitchen is connected with the huge dining table in the middle of the room. I am sitting in one of the chairs in the kitchen whereas he sits on the sofa.

"Okay, I'll try Why are sosp burned from?" He readout.

"Why are sosp burned from? Does that even make sense? "

"Then what does it say? I can't see, you know" I look down at the page he's reading and burst out laughing.

" It's, why are soap bubbles formed? You know what? This is impossible.

"It's your idea actually"

"Come on, playtime over. Come here you need to teach me this" he signs and walks towards where I'm sitting pulling a chair out beside me.

For the next two hour, he explains everything I have doubts with. I feel guilty letting him teach me when he is sick but it is better than facing my mother wrath when I fail. we both knew the fake binoculars idea is stupid but We do crazy things.

"Liam do you know Leonard from your class?" I ask after we finish studying. Leo is his classmate, I have received a letter from him asking me to be his girlfriend.

"Yeah, he's a nice guy," Liam said glancing at me.


"Wait why are you asking?"

"I am just curious " I lied not finding any reason to tell him. He'll only tease me about it.

"Really?" He asked cocking his eyebrows.

"Yes, what else?"

"Okay, I'll find it out anyway" he smirks knowingly.

"There's nothing to find out "


"Okay, I have to head back home. My mom is gonna be furious "

"Wait. I'll go wear my shoes " Liam says trying standing up.

"No, stay it's not even far. You're sick."

"It's fine" he replies stubbornly.

"I will you leave you in the sidewalk if you collapse"

"I know you won't, you love me too much to leave me on the sidewalk"

He says playfully but my heart picks up at his word. I haven't told him anything about liking him, I fear he'll not see me the same anymore.

I knew it was futile falling for my best friend, and we could never happen considering he sees me as his sister but feelings can't be helped. I just fall for him hard. I knew the moment he knew about my feelings he'll leave me alone and that is what I fear the most.

We walk side by side, him carrying my bags and he would cough occasionally. "Liam go back now, I can go from here"

"We're almost there "

"Don't be so stubborn"

"I am just worried about you " he replies silently.

"Nobody is gonna kidnap me, They'll run away if they see my face," I say jokingly. At my words, Liam halts his step and tugs my blazer.

"What's wrong with your face?" He asks curiously. I sign at his question.

"You know I am ugly "

"Why would you say that?"

"It's the truth though," I said truthfully. I have never thought I am pretty.

"Listen, Scar that's not true. You are the prettiest girl I know, so don't go self-degrading yourself" he says gazing softly. I badly wanted to believe his word but I knew he's just saying that because I am his best friend.

"You're just saying that because I am your best friend," I said walking ahead of him.

It's freezing today and the skies are gloomy with fogs everywhere. My third monthly test ended today and Liam and I decided to watch a movie tonight. My parents don't have a problem with me going to Liam home, it's my second home.

We argue about what movies we're watching and he wins. He put the x-man and I didn't argue because James McAvoy is so worth it.

It's almost 10 pm now and I needed to go back home. Liam is sleeping peacefully in the couch snoring slightly, I don't want to wake him up but I am scared to go back alone.

"Liam wake up"

"Go away"

"Wake up, I need to go home," I said and he sits up yawning and blinks twice.

"Come one "

"Okay "

He drops me home and mom is waiting for me watching a Korean drama. "Hey mom"

"Hey honey, are you back?" Mom asks me not averting her gaze from the movie. I chuckle at her silently.

"Mom I am going to sleep"

"Okay honey, goodnight"

I run up the stair and took out my blazer to sleep but I realise Liam phone is still in my pocket. He had put his phone in my pocket while we were fooling around. I round down the stairs and run out of my home ignoring my mom shouting at me. I run down the street and saw Liam figure on the road. I would have been scared if not for the streetlight.

"Liam" I yell and he stops dead in his track turning his head to look at me. I run towards him.

"What's wrong?"

"Your. Phone " I say trying to catch my breath.

"You don't have to come, could have just given tomorrow, "

"Here," I said handing back his phone.

He just stood there staring at me deep making me feel uncomfortable. "What's wrong? Is there something in my face?" I ask wiping my face with the sleeves of my sweater. Liam face softens and wipes something my left cheek. He touches my face softly and leans in kissing my cheek lightly.

My eyes go wide at the sudden gesture, " Scarlet" Liam calls me softly. We're standing in the sidewalk, the wind rustling because of the cold wind. Liam gazes down at me softly smiling at me. He pecks my forehead and steps back leaving some distance between us. I stare at him wordlessly, but Liam chuckles at my expression.

"Scarlet stop staring I have to go," Liam said breaking me out from my trance.

"Good night" I mumble and practically sprints towards my home.

I lay awake in my bed with questions full of uncertainty. Why did he look at me so lovingly? Why did he kiss me? Did he like me? Despite everything, I have never been more than happy. Liam just kisses my cheek, my best friend Liam I am in love with.

My phone pings with a text, I open it and my heart began to race at the text.

It was Liam wishing me goodnight. Sure we text sometimes and call but wishing me is a first.

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Omg!!!! Scarlet???????????

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