(7)Little acts of love

Two years ago,

It's Monday morning, another school day if it was a normal day I would have been jumping around acting cute around my mom when she makes my breakfast. Being the only child, my parents pampered me endlessly. Liam would tease me I am a brat. Maybe half true though. Liam, my heart flutters at the thought of him pecking my cheek. I have been avoiding any chance of interaction with Liam since that day that makes it two days. Two days without Liam, it's a record.

"Scarlet eat your food, you'll be late for school," mom says flicking my forehead.

"Mom do you think I could stay home today, my head hurts" I lied holding my head as it hurts. Truth is I don't know what to do if I meet Liam.

"Young lady, I know what you are playing at?" Mom says suspiciously.

"What do you mean mom?"

"You are scared you'll get your test paper today, "

"What? I don't even think about that, now that you reminded me, my head hurts more "

"Stop whining or I'll tell your dad," mom says sternly.

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