(9)Do you know how beautiful you look today?

It's new year's eve today, I woke up with a huge headache, I indulge myself in the book most of the time because honestly, that's the best distraction I could find. Justin would play with me sometimes, probably Aunt idea but that kid makes me laugh so hard sometimes. He's ten this year and being the youngest one still acts like a kid.

A week passed and I haven't seen Liam since that night, the whole week is really hard for me, I only think about him. Aunt Ruth refuse to let me stay home for the rest of the week so I would sometimes go to church or tag along with her to the malls and grocery store. She's the epitome of a cheery woman.

I decided to work at the town library for my expense and Aunt Ruth got the job the for me. I am glad I don't have to haul myself in the room for the whole day. As for today, I decided to join the New year's function because Aunt is too persistence. Youths are supposed to decorate the church and the town entrance. Liam and I always use to go and play with
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