(11)Unmistakenly love(2)

I raise my head and place my lips on his warm one, I could hear my heart beating erratically I fear he would hear it, Liam stay stilled and I pull apart feeling so ashamed. What was I thinking? Of course, he doesn't feel the same way.

"I am sorry Liam " I mutter looking down, Liam lifts my chin and looks at me intensely, his lips came crashing down on mine in a second, it takes a moment for me to realize Liam is kissing me back and I love every minute of it. He tastes like a lemon tea probably from drinking before, his lips are the sweetest thing on earth. Our lips move in sync like we have done it million times, I love how it was our first yet it feels so familiar. He kisses me deeply, passionately as I matter to him, while I pour my love for him through my kisses.

We pull apart later leaning our foreheads together smiling at what just happen. Liam is smiling widely like he just won a prize, I probably look the same.

"Scar I love you " Liam whispers at me, my heart thud at his word
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