(15)Spirits in the night


"Hello" Liam speaks in the phone, Sienna pulls back as soon as she kisses my cheek, I grimace at the feel of her lips.

"Yes, Aunt we'll be back" Liam speaks in the phone. All pairs of eyes are focused on him, the guys whistle at Sienna and I but both of us were glaring at each other. I don't care if she finds out about Liam and me as long as she backs off.

"Liam is that mom?" I ask sitting down beside him.

"It's not" he whispers in my ears, I look at him questioningly.

"I'll tell you later " he replies tugging me close to him. I could see our peers casting glances towards us.

Bryan spin the bottle again, finally pointing towards Liam, I could hear my heart beating suddenly.

"Liam truth or dare?" Sienna asked in excitement.

"Truth" he announces. I release a breath of relief unknowingly.

"Okay, Do you have someone you like?" She asks her eyes fill with hope. Some of them nod their head approvingly at the question. Sienna and her friends were squealing while I roll my eye
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