(17)Hospital night

Aunt left an hour ago and I am stuck with Liam in the hospital, the doctor came and gave him pain killers, he's been asleep for almost half an hour now, Liam snores a little while I sat in the chair next to his bead. His light brown hair falls over his eyes, almost covering it. When I look at him closer he looks a little bit older, his lips parted slightly, his chest heaving up and down. I long to trace his face with my fingers but refrain from doing so.

My phone vibrates beside me indicating a message. I smile when I see Jamie sending me pictures of her dad diner. My phone beeps with another text, but this time it was from an unknown number.

I open the text and the picture shock me.

It is a picture of my parents again, but this time they were sitting with some other people. Their faces are not visible, but I knew it was my parents from first glance.

Liam stirred in his sleep making me turn my attention towards him, I wonder who it was who kept taking photos of my parents. It can't
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