I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, I tried to move but an arm holds me in place, I peer my eyes open taking in the sight of the hospital wall and ceilings. Suddenly last night events rush in my head making my heart thump, God how foolish I was to kiss him like starve women. My face heated when the image of us kissing hungrily flash in my mind, Liam is sleeping peacefully his arms encircling my waist tightly.

"Liam" I shake him a little, he stirred a little but went back to sleep, making me frown. I lift his arms and push his hands away slipping out of the bed.

The time in my phone says 6 am, I put on my black blazer and with one last look towards Liam I left the room. I text Aunt Ruth saying I left for work early.

The sky is still dark when I step out if the hospital, the cities looks so beautiful with lights and streetlights.

If only life was this beautiful, I thought.

I texted Jamie if I could come to her place, luckily for me, Jamie texted me back with yes and Jumping s
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