(20) I gave you the chance


Why does this keep on happening?

"But Angel how did you-"

"I came to visit you, I heard about your accident?" Angel clings to Liam talking like Janice from Friends. Meanwhile, I was frozen in shock at the presence of my parents.

"Mom when did you?" I stuttered. 

"We came like ten minutes ago," she said coming towards me, She hugs me tightly sniffing my hair 

"You smell so good darling, come greet your dad" I nod my head and walk towards dad, my steps hesitant. I thought I would be happy seeing them but I can't bring myself to feel happy. They left me for three months with no news or any word and they expect me to welcome them with my arms wide open?

"Scarlet " dad greets me smiling slightly that didn't reach his eyes. 

"Hi dad " I wave my hand and stood awkwardly next to him. 

"I am sorry we couldn't come ea

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