(22) If I were to go back

Two years ago, 

The bus drove past the familiar street, the trees disappearing from our view. It's the first day of my 11th grade, Liam is in his senior year. I was beyond excited to come to school with my best friend aka my boyfriend. The summer is spent together with Liam playing or going dates. I am happy is an understatement, I have never felt this way for someone. 

When I was younger I firmly believe I won't fall in love, yet I fell for my best friend without me realising my feelings for him. 

"Scarlet, don't be creepy," Liam says from beside me. I scoffed at his word, not at all fazed by his word.

"What did I do?" 

"Stop smiling at the back of the seat, it gives me chills"

"Hah! Drama queen" 

"Are you excited about the first day?" He asks me. 

"Hmmm, what If I don't make any friends?" I was indee

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