(24) Liam to perform balled

Two years ago, 

I debated on knocking the door or go back home, I stood outside the porch counting from 1 to 100. Liam was ignoring my call for some reason so I decided to take the matters in my hand. 

Liam parents never stayed home because they were busy most of the time. This is the first time Liam ignores me for one whole day, we have never talked since yesterday after I left alone for home. He was being an asshole ignoring all my messages. My message last night consists of threats and violence so I understand if he was more upset. He would have come running to meet me if it was another day but not today and that makes me so sad. 

I call his number thrice yet he never picks up, part of me was burning with rage but the bigger part is me is scared to death. 

I ran back towards his window and picks up four-five pebbles to throw. 

The first four pebbles don't even reach his w

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