Along Came Love
Along Came Love
Author: Angel

Chapter one


I woke up to the sunlight from the slightly opened window in my bedroom. I wasn't fully awake, but I could still perceive the scent of bacon coming from downstairs. It smelt so good that I could almost taste it. I laid in bed for almost 20 minutes, not willing to get up. I was about to get up before my personal alarm clock, my elder brother Apollo decided to grace me with his presence.

"Rise and shine baby sis," he said grinning, knowing fully well how much I hated mornings.

Like who the hell invented mornings? Did he hate sleep so much, that he had to make the rest of us sleep lovers wake up so early too?

I finally stood up, then kissed Apollo on his cheek before walking to my closet, taking out a Black tank top, Blue jean shorts, with a Black sandal. I have a feeling that today is gonna be hot, and I'm not about to go walking around looking like a tomato. 

After taking a quick shower, I walked downstairs to have breakfast, before going to school. Kissing my parents and my other brother Ares, I sat down to have breakfast. My parents are obsessed with Greek mythology; hence our names. Well, it's not like I dislike my name, but I would have preferred one that is a little bit normal; but we don't always get what we want.

My dad is the CEO of 'Williams Industries ', my brothers also work in Dad's company, with Ares as COO and Apollo as managing director. One can say that my family is loaded.

 "How was your night shorty?" Ares asked smirking.

"I'm not short, both of you are just ridiculously tall," I said pouting and looking at my over 6ft tall brother. Well, I'm not really short, but I stand at a measly 5ft.

"Whatever you say, little sis," Apollo said, ruffling my hair.

"Stop that, you know how I feel about my hair," I said, trying to fix my hair.

"Boys, stop messing with your sister," mom said sternly, and they stopped. After breakfast, I walked to my car that was parked in the garage and drove to school. Arriving in 15 minutes, I then walked to my first class which is biology. The day went by so quickly, and soon it was lunchtime. I walked to the table where Amber and I normally sit to find my lovely bestie, already eating without me.

"I can't believe you started without me, babe," I said, knowing that she couldn't care less about anyone else when it came to food.

"You know how much I love my food. Besides, I was hungry," she defended, still eating. I brought out the lunch bag that my mum packed for me. 

Amber is a tall blonde, with green eyes and has the body of a model, while I'm the total opposite. Light brown hair, and hazel eyes with a curvy physique. I wouldn't really classify myself as beautiful, but I'm not that bad looking either. Amber tells me I have a killer body, her words not mine. I think the only thing killer about my body, is my butt, which is not small and quite squishy, again Amber's words not mine.

"Stop doing that," Amber said, looking at me.

"What am I doing?" I asked, confused.

"That's the face you keep whenever you are having a conversation with yourself, in your head," she stated while giving me a pointed look.

"I don't do that," I replied while thinking. I  don't really talk to myself, it's just that sometimes I like to keep my thoughts to myself, does that count as talking to myself? My brows furrowed as I thought hard about this.

"Hmmm, are you sure?" Amber asked with a smug look on her face, then I realized that I've been talking in my head again.

"Well, not all the time," I agreed with a defeated look on my face.

"Anyway, my dad is launching a new branch of his company this weekend, so I'm personally inviting you," Amber said as she took a bite out of her burger. Like my family, Amber's family is also wealthy. Our families are among the elite in society.

"Has the invitations been sent to my dad?" I asked, thinking of her dad's parties, which were always formal and you could only get in by invitation.

"Yeah, he should have already gotten it, along with the rest of your family." 

"I have no choice right?"

"Of course, you don't and before you argue, I already found our dresses."

"And how did you get my measurement?" 

I threw a suspicious look at her and she smiled sheepishly, looking anywhere but in my direction.

"I may or may not have taken one of your dresses during our last sleepover." 

Can't say I'm surprised though, my friend is crazy.

"But please tell me the dress at least  covers my body?" 

I have always been insecure about my body, never worn have anything revealing before. Dating Michael made that worse, he always made sure I understood that I was plus-sized.

"Live a little Athena, you have a nice body. Show it off."

I frowned as I thought about the times I decided to follow that advice. Michael would tease me for being fat and then get furious at me for showing off my body.

Deciding not to think about it anymore, I gathered my things to go home.

"I have to go home now. I've got to start my chemistry homework."

"Thank God I decided to do Arts. I can't imagine doing this many assignments every day," Amber said.

"It's fine, I'm already used to it." I picked up my backpack as I stood up. 

"I will see you tomorrow. Is your brother coming to pick you up?" I asked while standing up. 

"Yes, I'll just wait outside for him " she replied

"OK, bye." I waved at her, as I left for the house. Protection Status