Chapter two


Waking up the next morning, was borderline painful, because I spent the night trying to complete my chemistry homework that was due the next day. I completed it around 3:46 A.m, not getting more than three hours of sleep. Dragging my tired self out of bed, I walked into the bathroom looking at my reflection in the mirror. I looked horrible with dark circles under my eyes, and my brown hair looked like a bird's nest.

Why do I never look good in the mornings?

After my shower, I came out and wrapped myself in a big fluffy towel and walked to my bedroom. Putting on a white cropped tank top and blue skinny jeans with my white vans, I put on a little makeup to cover the bags under my eyes. I grabbed my backpack and left for school after greeting my family.

"I want to wear something sexy and classy for this party," Amber said as we walked to our next class.

 "You know you look good in whatever you wear Amber. This fuss is all about him right?" She was always obsessing about this guy and it was driving me nuts. 

"Dad told me that Dante Perez will be there, and I want to look my best. Maybe he might notice me, Athena!" 

Her dreamy voice cooed at me and I rolled my eyes. Since she saw him shirtless on the magazine, ranked as the hottest billionaire in the top ten list, she became obsessed. The dreamy smile on her face says it all.

"I read on the magazine that they suspected he was gay," she frowned at my statement. 

"Keyword suspected Athena," she pointed out.

"Oh, Amber!" I facepalmed myself, giving the argument up. Since the party is a black tied event, we decided to go to the mall to get black dresses. After what felt like hours which in reality was only a few minutes, we found the perfect dresses. 

"Micheal won't be able to take his eyes off you," she smiled, teasingly raising her brows.

I frowned thinking of my boyfriend, we've been together since 9th grade; the handsome quarterback and the daughter of a billionaire, quite a pair right? His family is quite wealthy and my family approves of him, that is the only reason why we are together it's not like we are in love or something. 

"You know that I don't care what Micheal thinks," I replied frowning.

"He is still your boyfriend and besides why do you put up with him if you don't like him?" she asked while giving her dress to the cashier.

 "You know how my family feels about Micheal, it's not like I can just break up with him right?" 

Micheal would never let me break up with him, he gets a little aggressive when provoked, and I've learned the hard way never to get on his bad side.

"Since you don't like him; you should tell your family, and besides your dad will support you as long as it makes you happy," she pressed on. 

Amber never liked Micheal and I never told her about his anger issues. We both paid for the dresses and walked out of the mall.

"We should go to McDonald's, I'm starving," Amber said touching her stomach.

 "You are always starving Amber," I said laughing at her.

"It's not my fault that anything I eat disappears quickly," I shook my head at her as we walked to my car. After eating I drove to her house to drop her off. She waved at me as she got to her gate. 

When I got home, I went to Apollo's room to talk to him. Apollo understands me better than the rest of my family members. He's the only one who doesn't think that no one but Michael is suitable for me.

"How was school today sis?" he asked giving me a hug.

I sat on his bed making myself comfortable. "It was normal. Nothing really happened, and after school, Amber and I went to the mall to buy dresses for the party."

" Can I see?"

 I know he only wants to check if it shows a lot of skin.

"You will see it on the day of the party," I replied smiling at him. He was about to protest but I cut him off immediately.

"I wanted to ask you something," I said seriously.

"What do you really think of Micheal?" I asked biting my lip nervously as I awaited his reply.

He thought for a while before replying, "I know you don't love him and that you are not happy with the relationship."

"Micheal is a nice kid, but if he doesn't make you happy, why are you still in the relationship?" he asked.

"You know how mum and dad feel about him," I muttered with a sad smile.

"Our parents will understand if you want to break up with him. To them, your happiness is important." 

I believe him but the problem is not my parents, but Micheal. If only he knows how difficult it is to break up with Michael.

"I will think about it," I said standing up "I need to take a shower."

He held my hand halting my movement, "you know that I will support you in whatever decision you choose to take," he said and I smiled. 

"I know and I love you," I kissed his cheek and went to my room. Protection Status