Chapter three


The week drift by so fast, and soon I was preparing for the dreadful party Amber coerced me into going to. I was in my room having my makeup done by my mom. Unfortunately, my parents had invited Michael, and I would be riding with him. Hopefully, nothing happens and everything would go smoothly without any surprises from Michael; which is highly unlikely because Michael is angry at me as usual, and an angry Michael is full of surprises.

"What color lipstick would you prefer?" My mom asked. She made me turn my back the mirror, so now, I was curious as to how I looked. 

"You decide mom. It should correspond with my Black dress." Surprisingly, the dress Amber made me pick was not as revealing as I had expected; although it's not something I would choose for myself. A Black round neck sequins floor-length dress, with a high slit that shows a lot more of my thighs than I would prefer.

Finally, my mum was done with my makeup and I turned to the mirror. I have to admit, I looked really good; I never thought I could look this good. I paired the dress with a silver clutch and matching shoes. 

"You look beautiful shorty," Apollo said as he walked into my room. 

"Thank you, bro, you don't look bad yourself, " I complimented, he looked dashing in a Dark Blue three-piece suit, with a Black dress shirt.

"Micheal is waiting downstairs. Are you sure that you don't want to ride with us?" he asked for the third time this week.

"It's fine, I will ride with Micheal," I tell him. It's not like I have a choice. Micheal almost snapped my wrist the last time I said no to him. Provoking him is the last thing I want to do.

"Apollo, that's enough. Your sister wants to go with her boyfriend." Mom said then turned to me, "You look, beautiful baby." 

"You too mum," I smiled at her. I walked down the stairs with my mom and Apollo to find my father, Ares, and Michael standing at the bottom of the stairs. A thousand compliments later, I was sitting in the limo with Michael by my side.

"Have I told you how gorgeous you look today?" He held my jaw, leaning in for a kiss. 

"I have red lipstick on," I blurted out without thinking. This is the best excuse my brain could come up with at this moment. The last thing I want was for him to kiss me when I'm trying to dump him. 

"Fine but you owe me," he said loosening his blue tie. I kept quiet, nervously biting my lip as I prayed for him to behave today, so as not to raise suspicions from my family. The driver pulled up at the entrance of the party, and we got out of the car. I walked towards the table where my family was seated, then told Michael that I would be with them.

"I'll be with you soon, I will just say hi to my parents. Don't do anything stupid," he said walking off. His definition of stupid was that I shouldn't talk to any other guy. I swear he can be a jerk sometimes. More like all the time, my subconscious pointed out. I sighed, walking to my parent's table, and sat down next to Apollo. 

"Where is Michael?" My mum asked looking around for him.

"He went to meet his parent's mum, " I replied looking at the stage, for it was time for Mr. Collins's speech. Less than ten minutes after the speech, Amber escaped from her parent's table to join ours. 

"I knew you weren't going to last."

"Adults are boring, " she retorted smartly.

"You look good, babe," she was wearing a black sequins tail maxi dress that complimented her slim figure. 

"Thank you, you look hot too," She replied.

"Dante is not here yet," she looks so annoyed that it was almost amusing. I was about to reply when Dante Perez walked into the room, looking like he just walked out of a magazine. Drawing the attention of almost everyone in the room. Females with lust and males with envy. He was wearing a grey two-piece suit, and a white dress shirt with three buttons undone, making his numerous tattoos very visible.

"Oh my God! He's here, and he looks so sexy, " Amber squeals quietly. It's funny how easily her mood can change.

"Yes, he does. I think a lot of women in the room think so too," I replied amused as I watched some ladies pull down their dresses to expose more cleavage, or adding more lip gloss to make their lips look extra shiny. I have to admit, he looks hot. His tousled black hair slicked back with no stray strands, his well-defined face set in a passive expression, a strong jaw that looked like it was carved from granite stood proudly on his chin, he was 6'4 tall, if not taller. His mesmerizing grey orbs only looking in front of him.

"I need to talk to him somehow, how do I do that?" Amber asked frantically, halting my inspection. 

"You should go to your dad, he will introduce you to the guests, " I suggested.

"You are right, I didn't think of that, " she said then left the table. Michael sat down next to me, a few minutes after Amber left.

"I noticed you staring at Dante Perez. Don't play with me Athena, you do not want to make me mad," he said. I could smell the alcohol on his breath as he whispered in my ear, subtly digging his fingers in my arm. How much did he drink since he left?

"Amber was talking about him, I only looked up to see what she was talking about," I winced at the pain, trying to get his hands off, without raising any suspicion from my family. He only pressed harder. "That better be the truth, Athena, " he finally released me, I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding.

"With all the thin sexy ladies in this room, your fat self would be the last person he would be interested in," his words hurt badly, like a knife tearing open a fresh wound in my heart. How could he say those words without considering my feelings? A smug look appeared on his face as he once again succeeded in putting me down.

"I want to use the restroom," I said standing up. Michael is drunk and I don't want to spend another second near him. I noticed the smirk on Michael's face as I left the table, struggling to hold back the tears in my eyes.

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