Chapter twenty one





That was what woke me up. My arm was throbbing and it felt as though a thousand needles were piercing my arm. I touched the throbbing arm and felt that it was bandaged. Like yesterday, I found it difficult to open my eyes. I must have been knocked out hard by whatever was injected into my neck. I still felt drowsy from the injection, and my limbs felt like logs of wood. I peeled my eyes open with much difficulty to realize that I was at the same place where I was kidnapped. It was morning already.

How long did I spend there? I stood up so fast my head started spinning.

They set me free but why?

Then a thought entered my head–the gift. I suspected that it could be what was hurting but there was no time to look at it. I had to get out of there before they returned. I quickly ran back home, not stopping until I reached

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