Chapter twenty two


"Please be careful. I don't want anything bad to happen to you," Amber said.

After the events of yesterday, I was still a little shaken up. My body was on constant alert. Every little thing spooked me. I told Amber about my meeting with Dante and she became worried. She didn't think I'd be safe with him. I also told her about the kidnap. Although I didn't tell her about Dante's involvement.

"Don't worry, Amber. I will be safe. I just need to talk to him."

School had already ended and I was waiting for Dante. I asked Amber to pick me up that morning so I didn't have to drive my car. We were standing by the school's garage.

"Call me when you get there, " she said as Dante's Mercedes pulled up at the school.

I hugged her and walked to Dante's car. Opening the passenger side, I got into the car. His manly Cologne hit my nose as soon as I entered. And th

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