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Outside world


My grandfather William is standing near the entrance of my room. I look up from the book I was reading and give him a small smile. He walks into my room and lowered at the edge of my bed.

His usual warm brown eyes are miserable and downcast. My grandfather is a good man. After my parent's death, he is the one who became my parent and caretaker. He labors in a garage nearby and most days we barely get to eat.

That's why I never went to school. But my grandfather struggled to get me an online tutor so that I can complete my highschool. It's been 1 year since I got my high school degree. Now I am taking online classes for business management which he insisted upon.

Grandpa never permitted me to go outside this house either. He often warns me that, terrible people who took my parents away are waiting to take me away from him too. 

Doctor Robin who is a friend of my grandfather said, it must be the trauma of losing my parents and my grandmother within a short period.

 To make him happy, I never stepped outside. Apart from that, he is a very lovely man. Lately his behavior began to change. He is almost always sad and is using all his waking hours in the garage. I didn't get to see him for 10 days this time. I wonder why he is acting this way. Is he not well? 

Panic starts to build at the base of my spine and it must have shown on my face. Because my grandfather smiles.

"Don't worry dear" he Pat's my head gently

 "I know I was disturbed these past days. I was barely home and it might have looked like I am avoiding you" he signs and gets up from the bed and walks over to

the window. 

I wonder where this is coming from.

"I wanted to tell you something for a long time, Thea. But I could never summon the courage to come to you. I hope at the end of this, you will forgive me."

He turns back and looks at me with a sad smile.

"What is it, Grandpa. Are you sad because of that?"

I inquired with a frown.

"Yes dear.. I lied to you and snatched your life away from you for my selfish reasons"

There are unshed tears in his eyes.

"What are you talking about" I am confused as to why he is acting this way.

"Your father is alive Thea"

I feel like the ground beneath my feet is shaking.

"What? but you said ..." I trailed off unable to finish the sentence.

"I am sorry" he whispered softly.

I remember all the times I felt utterly lonely and cried myself to sleep.

I don't remember anything from before I arrived here. I saw my parent's pictures and that's how I know their faces. 

I was 4 when my grandpa took me in. I only know what he told me.

"Why..." I don't know how to react. All my life my grandpa is the only person I know. I don't know how to perceive about a person about whom I only heard stories about. I feel somewhat happy knowing that I have a father. 

"I do not want to lose you like the way I lost your mother. Soon your grandma passed away too" he takes a deep breath to contain his emotions.

My grandpa's words pulled me out of my head.

"I couldn't take it. I blamed it on your father, it was easier that way. He is a good man, your father"

Just then the sound of the doorbell was heard.

"He is here"

With that, he turned to leave 

"Wait .. who is here?"

Grandpa stopped but didn't turn around. 

"Your father"

With that he went to unlock my future leaving me alone with the Chaos in my heart.

After a minute 2 pairs of footsteps can be heard coming towards my room.

Then there stood a person in front of me who is familiar at the same time a stranger. I feel like, I am looking at a ghost.


My father engulfed me with a hug.

"You are all grown up" he uttered overwhelmed with joy.

"I thought I lost you too"

This man loves me, I can feel it. His eyes hold so much warmth, I can see it even though his eyes are teary.


I begin to say something nice, but came up short. What should I tell my father whom I just learning about? Because I don't recollect anything from my past.

He looks at me and must have understood what's going on inside my head.

"It's ok dear, I can understand"

I smile at him gratefully.

"It might have been a long journey. Why don't you relax?" my grandfather proposed hesitantly.

Now that I notice him, he is standing outside my room with a foot inside and the other outside my room.

The environment became awkward with so many things heavy between them.

"No, I will take my daughter with me now"

This is all so surreal. Till yesterday I didn't know my father existed. Today he came here to take me with him.

I want to go with him, at the same time I don't.

I don't want to leave my grandfather alone. As if sensing my turmoil my father left us alone.

"My dear, don't worry about me, I will be fine. You go live your life"

Tears welled in my eyes. This is bittersweet.

"I will miss you" I whispered.

My grandfather gave me a bear hug. We began packing my things soon after. After a while my dad helped us with the task.

Within a day my entire life changed its course.

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