Stupid move

Althea's POV


My head feels like there is a heavyweight on it. My body aches everywhere. Max's constant chatter with Li is not helping my situation. I open my eyes and look at the direction from where I hear his noise. 

"Hey..." my voice is barely a whisper.

They must have heard me anyway, because suddenly My father, Li, Max and Amanda surround my bed with wide eyes and huge smiles.


"Oh my God you are awake.."


"You scared us..."

They all started to talk at once.

"Guys..." I try to tell them to stop talking but my voice comes out scratchy and dry.

I motion with hand to give me some water. Luckily they understand and Amanda brings me water while my father helps me to drink it.

There are unshed tears in my father's eyes which he tries to cover by looking down. 

"Father..." I gently place my hand on his and try to smile. I wish it looked like one.

"You were s

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Bella Jersey
I’d think I’m batty too or that’s some awesome pain killers

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