Odhan is admitted to the pack hospital. His injuries are much severe than he anticipated. There are numerous injuries all over his body and his leg is fractured. Jumping into the water made his injuries bleed profusely and are infected. 

"His bone damage is excessive. He ran using his fractured leg at a speed, not all possible. His bone splintered and I am afraid, the damage is irreversible. He might never be able to walk again" the pack doctor said.

After prescribing some medicine to him, she left.

Tina busted out crying. She cannot believe he risked his life to save a boy who is completely unrelated to him. Even Lincoln's own father never did anything for his son. But Odhan jumped from the 3rd floor to save Lincon's life.

"I am sorry, this is all my fault. I failed to take better care of Lincoln" Tina cried with gratitude and guilt.

Organ, who is shocked by the doctor's words is still reeling in shock. He is shocked to hear that he can never

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