Little Comfort

Christian's POV

I gathered the guys in my living room the very next day. I handed them each a cold beer before taking a seat, opposite them.

"So, what's up man, are we on for the trip or not?" Kevin eagerly asked before drinking from his beer.

"No, because someone couldn't keep their mouth shut!" I answered and dart my eyes on Tim. He gulp and drank his beer as a diversion.

"And, my mother is coming over this weekend," I finished and my friends' faces turned sympathetic. They knew my mother was a very obnoxious woman who always wanted things her way or no way at all. She thought she was always right and her favorite line was 'mother knows best'.

"Christian, I'm so sorry. I left a message and Audrey must have listen to it. I just wanted to know if we were taking your private jet or mine," Tim explained.

"Look, it's fine. That's Audrey for you. We could always do the Caribbean trip an

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