Little Fear

Sacha's POV

Christian's eyes were locked on me and by the look on his face, he wasn't too happy with seeing me on Josh's arm.

"Josh, can you do me a quick favor? I've left my car windows up in the VIP parking lot," Christian told Josh who instantly caught the car keys.

"Say no more, boss. Sacha, would you..."

"Leave Sacha here, I'll be keeping her company," Christian cut it. Josh nodded like a child and left me standing in front of Christian like a helpless infant zebra about to get mauled by a lion.

"Why are you here with him?" he asked me now.

"What's wrong with that?" I found myself rudely asking. Christian's eyes blazed with anger and his nostrils flared as if steam was passing through them.

"You have some nerves Christian. I haven't heard from you in days. You've been ignoring me completely but when I show up with a guy, you're getting angry at me."

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