Little Goodbye

Sacha's POV

This was pure madness. My hands were shaking from fright and beads of sweat appeared on my forehead. I looked around, wondering if the person who sent the picture was still looking at me to see what I'll do next.

I went inside, armed the security system and texted Christian to tell him what had happened. He didn't like the sound of it and he assured me that he'll be by later on tonight.

Someone definitely knows and have proof of us in bed together. 

"What if those pictures hit the media, Christian?" I asked when he indeed came over. He was looking at the picture. The angle was obvious. The picture was taken from outside the balcony to my bedroom. The waterfall sliding door was doing a poor job of hiding us and the curtains were of white mesh.

As the idea crossed my mind, I changed the curtains to a thick red velvet and I made sure the doors were locked.

"Sacha, it's

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