Little Confession

Christian's POV

"YOU GOT HER WHAT!" Tim yelled when I told him about Sacha being pregnant. We were having coffee in my office as usual. It was Monday and I still didn't have the courage of telling Audrey the truth which was pathetic of me because I at least owed her that.

"Man, this is messed up and disastrous on your path. And you told her to go through with the pregnancy? What would happen when Audrey and your mother hears this, bro?" he went on.

"You do realized that Audrey and my mother aren't the boss of me, right?" I asked him as I twirled the cup of coffee on the desk.

"What did I miss?" Kevin walked into the room.

"Mr.'Ding a Ling' here got the black girl pregnant," Tim answered.

"Why you got to say her complexion instead of just using her name. Her name is Sacha. Not the 'black girl'. I narrowed my eyes and glared at him.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," he quickly

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