Little Revelation

Sacha's POV 

I couldn't visit Judy without seeing Christian as well. Although he was still in a coma and no telling when he'll wake up, I still wanted to be close to him. 

I sat next to him quietly as I observed his motionless form. Memories flooded my mind. 

The first time I saw him at the club. 

When he pulled up and offered me a ride home. 

When he took my virginity away and used the term 'make love' instead of 'fuck'. 

The times when I talked to him about my troubles and he gave me his entire  Summer house that looks more like a freaking mansion. 

"You have to wake up," I whispered in his ears as I held his hand. 

And then I felt it. I felt his fingers wrapping around mine and a firmed hold occurred. 

Happy tears slipped from my eyes as his eyes star

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