Chapter 824 All noted bro.

(Lily POV)

I went back to the burned apartment even if Shin’s men are stopping me. Why am I even with them?

The police officer already put yellow tape around it. nobody died too.

How about Pimples? Didn’t she die too?

“Miss Lily.”

“Just stay there.”  Because I already get in. but they still followed me, but the guys already blocked my way. Where did Shin get these men?

"Let's follow the caution sign."

Then they lined up to block my way, so I just turned my back. Jeoff’s men are better, I can make ways on them but Shin’s men it would always be a no. I just picked flower and I put it on the apartment a bit distant to mine before. I prayed for Pimples, Jeoff’s and I first baby, I hope that she’s in a good condition. And a voice talked to me and…

I opened my eyes. And look for that voice, I looked up and I saw a white tail. It is Pimples!

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