Chapter 825 He looked at me.

(Shin POV)

I was stopped when someone screamed on the other door. And I remember the day when the girl screamed in library.

And that kid is no other than Lily. I get near the door knob.

“Lily!” I knocked the door. And I ran towards Auntie Bell.

“Auntie Bell, Lily shouted!”

“Why is she going to fight. Time to sleep now. And don’t worry. Everything is locked in there.”

(Jeoff POV)

And I wake up since someone seems to scream.   My eyes seem blurry and I saw some doctors. Where is Lily?

I immediately removed the blanket and I am so pissed with the tubes attached to me. They weren’t able to stop me. I know that I am in Auntie Bell’s house.

“Where is my wife?!” and Auntie Bell showed to me.

“Jeoff you have to rest.”

“Where is Lily?”

“Sleeping in her room.

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