Chapter 826 “I thought it is me.”

(Auntie Bell POV)

When there’s a hostage taking in the hospital where Lily and Jeoff are, all of the staff went out but a physician caught my attention.

The eyes of my boyfriend back then, but he didn’t accept me. I was so curious so I left my men and get near the victims.

The physician was about to ride a car when…

“Are you son of Leonard Montiveros?” and he looked at me.

“How did you know my father?” and he took off his facemask.

“I just know him, you look like him.” “He is my father.” And I smiled.

“Can I talk to you?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Maribelle Lee Chan.” And he smirked, giving a sign to the men he is with to leave.

Is he head physician for them to follow him just like that?

“Your father is absolutely a good physician, you know?”

And I don’t know why a

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