Chapter 827 Sorry Jean.

(Lily POV)

When we went down on the plane, the news that the Elder was on the hospital welcomed us. So, his men and his secretary showed up to us.

Jeoff went to the hospital with me.

Sign that he is worried, or he is showing off? I hope not because he is your father.

There are many men around the hospital. Are they this afraid that someone might do something bad to them?

So, if possible Lily, you have to go away from them. You will not live without some guards with you.

They are just using them as their shield.

Living shield. Haist.

But, we are just going inside the room. We heard that the Elder is having highblood. They opened the door for us and we saw Jean is being hit.

I just looked down. I can’t understand why the Elder is doing this to his sons.

He stopped when he felt our presence. He was tired and his face was so red. Mother in law just shed tears, Jean is her son.


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